Fitness and Size-Esteem Resources

Discover Your Healthy Weight DVD from The Body Positive

In Discover your Healthy Weight, medical professionals explain how dieting ultimately leads to weight gain and increased health problems. Women share their stories of self-doubt and unhealthy behaviors and how they learned to trust and love their bodies. Find out how you can sustain a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life with this informative and inspirational DVD that has transformed the lives of women across the country.

Body image documentary: Naked on the Inside

Naked on the Inside comes at a time when the Western world has never been more obsessed with body image. This fresh and unnerving feature-length documentary asks a simple, but audacious, question: Beyond our clothes and skin, who are we? And so it begins. Six extra-ordinary people from around the world reveal their bodies and share their secrets in a unique experiment in search of their inner selves.

Active At Any Size by WIN: Very large people can enjoy safe physical activity!