Size-Friendly Fitness

Anybody, any size - Yoga: Just My Size with Megan Garcia (2005)

Megan Garcia presents a beautiful workout designed for plus-sized women and anyone who needs modified postures due to body shape variations. This workout will also be enjoyed by anyone starting Yoga because of the gentle approach. The exercise routine is divided into three sections: Warm Up, Workout, Deep Relaxation

Debby Mack's Plus Size Fitness 101 - Lowest priced "Plus Size Body Accepting" workout on the market!

Two 30 minute workouts on this one DVD! Designed for larger men and women who are starting their fitness journey, these workouts are DOABLE for anyone who can walk. Workout 1 features a low impact aerobic segment. Workout 2 features a similar workout using both high and low impact moves. Easy to learn movements and cardio weight toning.

Yoga For The Rest of Us AND More Yoga For the Rest of Us

Ease into the world of yoga, whatever your age and ability. Discover how easily yoga can be incorporated into your daily routine. You'll quickly see the benefits for your body and spirit. "MORE Yoga For The Rest Of Us" This video also has three 20 minutes segments that can be done one at a time or all at once for a longer workout.

The Fat Chick Works Out! A safe, easy and fun workout for klutzes, wimps and absolute beginners of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes!

The Fat Chick Works Out DVD is unique in more ways than its chubby host. The Fat Chick Works Out is designed as a twelve-week training program. The DVD is progressive, meaning it starts out easy and gets a little more difficult each week. In addition, the program only adds one or two new steps each week that are carefully taught before the workout begins. And each week comes with its own Peep Talk(TM)--a short motivational talk that includes a special health challenge for the week such as drinking more water or developing a support network. Your program is custom built for you. All you have to is click! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Spring into Fitness exercise video for large women

Running time 45 minutes, actual movement time is 30 minutes - Most of the video is done in a seated position with an emphasis on technique and the application to daily activities. The video is designed for beginners or those who have been inactive for a long time. It provides a foundation for embracing a lifestyle of movement.

Big Yoga - Yes, you can do it, no matter what your size!

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but were intimidated to go to a regular class because of your size? Big Yoga is a 60 minute yoga practice adapted for the larger body by Yoga expert, Meera. You don't have to be thin to enjoy the benefits of yoga! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance: Yoga, isolations, and drills - a practice companion with Rachel Brice

Review by Nicole Bliss: Rachel Brice is a naturally small person who does not seem to buy into size prejudice. There are no negative, objectifying, or body minimizing comments in her tapes. This video will teach you to find and work every muscle in the torso of your body and is all about dancing skill. No sit ups required! It is designed for convenient daily use to make dancing part of your life. Your body may even become addicted to enjoyable daily movement. Build strength and skill to enjoy how your muscles feel and make your softness undulate in the most interesting of ways. Some Yoga poses can be challenging. Feel free to network and modify them with other plus size Yogi's in the Yoga For Big Bodies Blog located in the Plus Size Fitness category.

Expanding into Fullness with Sally Pugh

Yoga postures are modeled by five of Sally's longtime students and chair adaptations are shown for most poses. You can begin or deepen your yoga practice with Expanding into Fullness. Regular practice can enhance your flexibility, vitality, strength and balance, expand breath and body awareness, release stress, and develop relaxation skills to use in daily life.

Fitness with BlissTM is the widest selection of plus size, size accepting fitness in the world. .. including FIVE super sized workouts done in bed or chair!

Use your body weight as an asset in these workouts on DVD (and still some on VHS). There are workouts for every plus size, from barely large to very large. FIVE different workouts are done on a chair or bed. There are great standing workouts without jumping. You will find higher and lower intensity. Call Kelly for advice on which workout is right for you. 610-394-2547 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

In Grand Form

For those new to exercise videos, intimidated by Kathy Smith's perfect legs, Jane Fonda's muscled torso, and Denise Austin's unlimited endurance... Take heart! Jody Sandler's In Grand Form offers a routine suitable for us in the real world.

Plus-Sized Yoga Book: Beginners Yoga for People of All Sizes

A beginner's Yoga and Meditation book for plus-sized people. Includes sections on how to get started, how to practice yoga and meditation at home and a new approach to dealing with the daily personal issues that come up when living large in a small world.

Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women

by Pat Lyons and Debby Burgard iUniverse. 2000. ISSN/ISBN#: 059508883X.
This book emphasizes the pleasure and enjoyment of an active, healthy life, rather than concentrating on losing weight. It describes walking, dancing, swimming, bicycling, aerobic activity, and includes valuable safety tips. Boost your body love, self-esteem, and restore self-confidence.

An easy read with a new perspective: Don't Weight, Eat Healthy & Get Moving NOW! by Kelly Bliss M.Ed, A.C.E

by Kelly Bliss Haverford, PA: Infinity Publishing. 2002. ISSN/ISBN#: 0741408422 .
Discover your own personal journey to self-care and self-acceptance with a new perspective and entertaining, powerful stories. How can you make peace with food and end body loathing? How can you start exercising and continue for a lifetime? Don't Weight will show you how. (297 pages) INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Look Who's Walking by Orchid Leaf Productions

A fun, easy, beneficial exercise video designed especially for the large size person. 810-235-9864