Do you want fitness that is size-friendly?

You found it here at Phat Moves™!


Over the last ten years, we have gathered plus size fitness resources for you. Now they are listed all in one place. These DVDs contain great workouts, relaxing yoga, energizing aerobics, and much more. Even more importantly, you will find:

  • body esteem commentary
  • knowledge about the unique bio-mechanics of the plus size exerciser
  • safe moves for larger bodies
  • and people just like you ... on your fitness journey with you!

Do you want to offer your DVDs and
workouts here on Phat Moves™?

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Do you wish the plus size people at your company
had access to this kind of wellness oriented fitness?

We can set up a special rate for your employees to enjoy Phat Moves! When you meet the individual needs of your employees by providing fitness that is taylored to their needs, your employees will be more likely to continue their fitness plan.




Below is a video example of Un-Jumping Jacks from Fitness with Bliss™

You can see the difference in moves that accomodate the unique biomechanics of the plus size exercizer. Instead of jumping, we rebound. Instead of pounding our feet into the ground, we lift our bodies up. This works the muscles well while protecting the back, knees and feet from impact.

Click here to download this video.